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Ostomy Support Group of Tucson, Arizona
The Ostomy Support Group of Tucson, AZ is a charitable, non-profit, volunteer organization, dedicated to
offering encouragement to current and future ostomates and their families through education, emotional
support, free products, and support meetings.
Upcoming Meetings
All members and their guests are welcome to attend the meetings.

Our sincere thanks to
TMC El Dorado campus and Tucson City
Council Ward 6
for providing space accommodations to conduct
our meetings.

Ostomy Support Group Tucson, AZ
Sunday, April 28, 2019, 2pm
Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Walker, Urologist
WOCN: Kathy Hugen

El Dorado Senior Services Bldg (cafeteria)
1400 N. Wilmot Road

May 2019
No Meeting

Sunday, June 23, 2019, 2pm
Speaker: Jodi Hempel, Peace of Mind by Design
Preparing for the Unexpected:
Documents That Every Adult Should Have

July 2019
No Meeting

Sunday, August 25, 2019, 2pm
Speaker: Ghaidaa "Rita" Kobeissi, TMC Dietitian
Nutrition for Ostomates

Sunday, September 22, 2019, 2pm
Speaker: Christine Miller, Stealth Belt Representative

Sunday, October 27, 2019, 2pm
Speaker: Duriell McDonnell, Convatec Representative
Dan Penrose, Safe n' Simple Representative
WOCN: Carol Richelson

Sunday, November 24, 2019, 2pm
Speaker & WOCN TBA

December 2019
No Meeting

Central Tucson Support Group
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 1pm
Tucson City Council - Ward 6 Building; 3202 E. 1st St.
Facilitator: Sandee Prechtel (520) 240-9262
Future Meetings: 5/21, 6/18

Green Valley Satellite Support Group
For Information Contact: John Walker
(520) 393-7210

Casa Grande Satellite Support Group
Facilitator/Info: Mary Kathryn Hughes, RN, CWOCN
(520) 381-6150

Board of Directors Meeting
Facilitator: John Templeton (520) 579-4367

Featured Content

  • All-In-One Patient Guide; Excerpts
    have been compiled from The Phoenix
    Magazine Patient Guides for new
    patients, all stoma types included in
    one volume.

Need a ride to medical meetings?
Contact Paratransit Special Service Office at (520) 791-4100
ADA Paratransit Eligibility Office

Need ostomy supplies delivered to your home?
Contact Wild West Courier Service at (520) 389-8471
Advocacy for a Positive Change
Advocacy is promoting what is important to you and
persuading others to support your cause. No one knows
better than you what living with an ostomy is like. You can
make a real impact on decision-makers and together we can
drive change. Go to the
UOAA AdAction Center for ways
that you can get involved.
In Need of Supplies or Have Supplies to Donate?
Please visit our Supplies page to find out how to obtain
supplies and how to donate.
New Ostomate?
Do you have questions? Please call (520) 206-0268 or email
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